Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day Back!

Hope everyone is having a good first day back! Enjoy the short classes consisting solely of reading the syllabus while you can!

Don't stress today if you notice yourself being hungrier... you're probably walking more than you did during those lazy days of summer. And don't beat yourself up if you haven't figured out the healthy places to eat on campus yet, or the best options at restaurants nearby. And remember you have plenty of time to come up with a schedule that works for you, consisting of exercise, regular meals and snacks, and of course, studying and socializing. This week is the perfect time to set up healthy habits... but don't expect yourself to get it right on the first try.

Wishing all a healthy and happy semester!

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Kelvin Oliver said...

My first day back is next Monday. I think it will be interesting to meet new teachers/professors and go to new classes. Only if we didn't have to go through so many teachers in our college life. Reading this made me feel welcomed back to my university already.