Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dressing for Confidence

     Diet and exercise help us to strengthen our bodies and keep them healthy, but we can't change our genes. Our bodies are likely to have a certain general shape throughout our lifetimes. We need to learn to feel confident about this shape. To feel confident, we have to be comfortable in what we're wearing. One way to feel comfortable is to draw attention to the parts of our bodies that we favor.

Pick your favorite feature below, and find the fall trends below that will enhance it. 

Slim waist:
Summer florals are still big for fall. Add a belt around the middle to update the look and show off your figure.

Slouchy pants, the western look (belts look great on you) and high-waist pants are all trends that will work for you. 

Hour-glass figure:
Your curves will look great in skirts with petticoats, hour-glass dresses, and 40s inspired jackets.

If you have a boyish figure with minimal curves, slouchy pants and super wide-legs were made for you.  So were t-shirt dresses.

Continue to wear your summer floral dresses with some bright-colored leggings.
Swinging 60’s mod dresses show off your gams. 

Toned arms:
Sleeveless jackets, off the shoulder tops and dresses

If you’re looking for an overall slimming look, the following trends are ideal:

  • The goth style is typically head-to-toe black.
  • Monochromy in general is big for fall.
  • The boyish look is also typically dark-colored. It’s especially slimming when worn with a tie because of the creation of a verticle line.
  • A long necklace can have the same effect.
  • Jewel tone gowns are big, and they’re often found with an especially loose and forgiving silhouette.
  • Big shoulders create the illusion of a thin waist.

To draw attention to some areas and away from others, the following trends all work wonders:

  • Ombre, or when color gradually fades or darkens across the fabric. Choose pieces that are lightest in areas where you want to draw the most attention.

  • Fabric with holes or slashes
  • Bold, graphic patterns
  • Shine and sequins
  • Sculptural look
  • Lace

Fall trends mentioned were inspired by Elle's feature on the topic.

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