Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Connection Between Drinking Alcohol and Eating Sweets

     I've discussed the relationship between alcohol and (female) body weight on this site before. Alcohol consumption doesn't necessarily mean a higher BMI, like one would imagine. In fact, moderate consumption is associated with a lower BMI (while binge drinking is associated with a higher weight).
     I've also discussed the role of blood sugar in our hunger levels, and how low blood sugar can slow our metabolism and make us ravenously hungry. This problem is common the day after drinking. 
     Well it turns out that even though alcohol can lower blood sugar, we crave it when our blood sugar is already low. 
     Some researchers speculate that sugar cravings might explain why women who drink in moderation don't gain weight, because the consumption of candy and sugar goes down when alcohol intake goes up. Think about it. A bowl of ice cream with a beer doesn't sound very appetizing to me.
     So, maybe some women are replacing a 4-500 calorie bowl of ice cream with one or two 100 calorie beers. 
     Not exactly diet advice there. Of course I would never condone drinking for weight loss. But my goal is to educate, and it is something to think about. Next time you're craving a beer, think about whether you could be craving sugar. Then maybe in the future, make small changes to your diet, in order to reduce your sugar intake. Many health professionals believe reducing sugar intake leads to less cravings.

     Just some food for thought...


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