Thursday, January 1, 2009

Small Changes has a weight-loss article out today entitled "5 small changes to help you lose weight." They were good idea the first time I heard them, about ten years ago. CNN makes a valid point, that small changes make diets more feasible than radical ones. They suggest swapping whole milk for 1 percent milk, whole bagels for halves, ice cream for yogurt, and whole milk lattes for skim milk. The article concludes with a staggering suggestion.... take a 20-minute walk each day.
     Most weight-conscious people have already ingrained these habits into their lifestyle. For us, making small changes will require more thought and creativity. It will require careful monitoring of one's intake for a substantial time, then consideration of which foods are providing extra calories. I know I tend to get into the habit of consuming certain foods on a regular basis. How can you cut the calories for a food you regularly consume? If you make chicken wraps often, you could swap sour cream for salsa. If you eat a lot of sandwiches, it might mean trading mayo for mustard, or no condiment at all. It's all about common sense... but it's not quite as simple as CNN implies.

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